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We are currently rehearsing for our 2022 pantomime ‘The Princess and the Pea’. Which all being well will be performed on Friday 25th February and Saturday 26th. At Chilworth Village hall.

If you would like to take part we are looking for males and females, any age, to play villagers and chorus.

We look forward to treading the boards again to bring you fun and laughter if everything is safe for everyone. At present ‘The Princess and the Pea’ will be our next pantomime. Stay safe and keep smiling.

Baddesley Barnstormers are a drama group based in North Baddesley, Southampton.

Previous shows:


Well what a show ‘Sleeping Beauty’ was. Audiences were fantastic, cast were amazing and all involved worked their socks off to put on an outstanding production. Sleeping Beauty was beautiful but oh soooo big! The very nasty evil fairy – older sister to the good fairies – Bluebell, Blossom, Tulip and Rose-Petal excellently played by four guys, in tutus of course! Our usual blustering Dame ‘Fishy Flo’ and our thigh slapping Prince Zane. Mixed together to deliver something wonderful.


Our 2019 production was ‘Aladdin’. With two Genies, a dancing camel, our Dame Wooshy Washy, The evil ‘Jack the Black Kung Foo’ and Albert and Cuthbert the delivery men from England attempting to deliver a sedan chair, to China, for the princess. And many other characters who made this production such great fun. Again the hall was packed for all three performances.


We performed our 2018 pantomime ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ to three packed houses. The audiences loudly cheered everyone and booed the evil prince and Rumpelstiltskin – who was taken away at the end by Dr Who and her tardis. Audiences were in hysterics and can’t wait to see our next production. My favourites were the two Tax Inspectors.


‘Snow White’ was our 2017 offering. Seven very sweet dwarfs and one very nasty evil Queen. And of course two singing and dancing trees. The two dimwits B and Q, fumbled their way through trying to save Snow White but even ‘Plan C’ failed.


And our 2016 production ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ was another great success. Daisy the cow won all our hearts. The Traffic Warden made everyone’s life difficult, issuing parking tickets if you stood still too long. Not forgetting the evil rent man. We were very lucky to have ‘That’s Solent TV’ film our dress rehearsal which was shown on TV.


‘Hansel and Gretel’ was performed at Chilworth Village Hall, in February 2015. We all loved the appearance of ‘Batman and Robin’ the heroes, who found Hansel and Gretel in the gingerbread cottage, and were victorious over the wicked old witch. The cast and audiences had such fun we decided to continue putting on pantomimes every February

We perform original scripts written by Rachel Chadwick, who lives locally in Rownhams.

Having received excellent reviews for all our pantomimes. We are looking forward to rehearsing our next pantomime ‘The Princess and the Pea’ for 202? – who knows! Though the exact date and month is still up in the air. Once again it is our own adaptation based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale.

During the summer of 2015 Chilworth hall was updated, adding much needed lighting and sound systems. And the group was granted a Community grant by TVBC which helped pay for additional sound equipment. And also in 2018 they helped us again, we needed a new electronic keyboard.

We always welcome new faces whether your interest is performing, helping back stage or front of house. However, we are always desperate for someone to do the sound and lighting, our knowledge is very limited. Or if you would like to sponsor us we will advertise your business in our programme.

We consist of family and friends with the same vision – putting on a successful production for the local community, whilst having fun. We are a group that work together and support each other throughout the show and enjoy meeting up each week.

We meet Wednesday evenings between 7.30 and 9.30pm. September to February. Please contact me for details. And from January we rehearse on Sundays too.

Contact: Rachel 07900 095898

Give us a call on 07900 095898 or 07503 090950 or email if you’d like to come along, don’t be shy, we’d be very happy to meet you.

Alternatively contact us at info@baddesleybarnstormers.com

5 thoughts on “Home

    • baddesleybarnstormersrc

      Hello Denise
      Hope you’re well
      I’ve just found this message, though not sure when you sent it!
      If you wish to come along, our next meet up is Wednesday 2nd December 7.15pm at Nursling Village Hall (Room 3)
      My apologies if I’m replying to an old message
      Kind regards


      • Denise costello

        Hi Rachel,
        Yes it was an old message but nice to hear from you. So sorry I haven’t been able to come and see you a only my husband has been unwell and has been in hospital, he is home now but need a lot of care and attention.
        I really do hope that maybe next year I will be able to take up the offer of coming to see you and meeting all of you team, they sound so lovely.
        Thanks again and a very merry christmas to you
        Break a leg and I hope everything goes well with this years panto.


        Denise Costello


    • baddesleybarnstormersrc

      Hello Giles.
      Apologies for my late reply….Christmas took over!

      How great to have the newspaper clippings, fond memories of years gone by.

      Peter Pan was written and directed by Dennis Bryant at that time. We performed it in the old village hall, where the Co-Op is now.
      I was Peter Pan.

      I took over writing the pantomimes and comedy scripts in 1992. As Dennis wanted to spend more time publishing his books.
      We still perform a pantomime every year, (except this year due to the ‘virus’) at Chilworth Village Hall (behind The Chilworth Arms pub)

      You may remember ‘The Dame’ John Holloway, who still plays the dame, in my pantos.

      Hope one day you’ll be able to come and see our panto with your family.

      Kind regards

      Rachel Chadwick


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